5 Winners of the Young Co-operators Prize announced!

London-based freelance web developers Founders and Coders; Chapel Street Studio Co-operative, a communications service business in Bradford; digital news platform London Student; Plymouth-based co-working space provider, Dialogue; and Ceramics Studio from London.

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Last week on 22nd April 2015 the Young European Co-operators Network was launched in Paris. This network aims to bring together young people across Europe interested in co-operatives as a tool of... More


Tuesday 17 February 2015
Work isn't working

Guess what? It's #FairPayFortnight. Guess why? That's right - work isn't paying. Wages in the UK are stagnating, and young people are at the sharp end. What's the solution? Unions are one... More


Over the last few years, cleaners across London have conducted several high-profile campaigns for the living wage and decent working conditions, notably the 3 Cosas campaign at the University of... More