Luxury wall art shop looking for photographers

Artfrill, an online luxury shop that offers contemporary wall decors and artwork, is in need of photographers on a full time basis.

Artfrill is actively searching for highly competent photographers on a full-time capacity for their wall arts and art pieces. The company is seeking to fill out two (2) positions.


It is the photographer’s responsibility to shoot compelling photographs that will be used for Artfrill’s extensive collection of luxury wall art posters. He must have a knack for capturing photographs that will bring life to the subjects so clients are compelled to buy.

Artfrill wall posters are known for its luxurious quality, such as these posters:; and Thus you are expected to maintain this same standard in your photographs.


  1. Must be creative.
  2. Has a great eye for taking compelling pictures.
  3. With exemplary photographic and technical skills.
  4. Proficient in a variety of photo editing software especially Adobe Creative Suite.


  1. Timely discussion with Artfrill project manager to discuss images needed for the wall posters.
  2. Perform thorough research and find compelling subjects.
  3. Must know how to use technical equipment from cameras to lighting to capture amazing photographers.
  4. Check that the quality standards for each photo are maintained and address any problem, be it technical or photographic in nature.
  5. Expertise with digital imaging and editing software to effectively enhance images.
  6. Contribute ideas to other photography-related tasks as needed.

If you are interested in an exciting and dynamic career as a photographer, submit your resume and portfolio to the Artfrill project manager. Any relevant website links in connection to your proficiency as a photographer must also be included. Applications without the requirements mentioned above will not be entertained.

Artfrill is passionate about making your home a stylish yet personalized haven to spend your days on. With this commitment, Artfrill caters its clientele the widest selection of wall art posters and bespoke pieces perfect for every wall space in every room.