Swedish betting site is looking for betting tips writer

For some time now, we have been striving to make the Swedish betting environment a success. This has been achieved by constantly appealing to the highest levels of professionalism in the content we provide. We always strive to hire the best writers for our platform, and it so happens that there is an opening within our writing ranks. We are looking for a highly qualified writer to publish articles on a Swedish betting tips site in their “dagens bästa spel” section, which has been highly popular among readers over the last few months.


The right candidate needs to be able to write in Native Swedish. They should be able to come up with text that goes straight into the staple of the Swedish reader. This is because the site wants to connect directly with those looking for relevant information on the platform.

The position is for someone with great writing skills and has written before. If you have a body of work behind you, the better. We are looking for someone that can hit the ground running and fit perfectly in our mold. When we get the right fit, we will smooth over any cracks and allow them to get familiar with our style of reporting when it comes to sports betting.

Finally, we have found that self-motivation could be the difference between a great article and a “meh” publication. We are therefore looking for someone who is passionate about sports and is capable of churning out content in the subject flawlessly. They should love what they are doing and have an interest in what happens in the sports betting world.

Those with the right qualifications will be shortlisted and the right candidate will be approached as soon as their name comes up. If you feel that you are the right fit for the job, get in touch right away.