We’re Hiring!


Digital Editor

Part Time: 2 days per week on London Living Wage: £533 per month.

AltGen is an exciting new co-operative that supports 18-29 year olds to set up worker co-operatives as an empowering and collaborative solution to youth unemployment. We believe that with the right support our generation can lead the way in creating a more sustainable and equal economy.

We are looking for an inspiring and hard-working individual with a passion for youth led social change to become our third team member.

Your Role:

You will be responsible for creating, editing and maintaining content across our digital mediums: blog, monthly newsletter, online forum, facebook and twitter.
 With the opportunity to become a co-director after three month probation period, you would also be expected to contribute to the running of the business by helping with bookkeeping, strategy and business planning.

Your main responsibility will be to manage a high editorial standard with consistent messaging and be able to communicate a relevant narrative to our audience through:

• Creating content for website and blog.
• Commissioning content and liaising with writers.
• Managing and facilitating online forum.
• Developing social media strategy and regularly updating social media.
• Contributing to organisation and management of AltGen. • Developing new and innovative communication tools to engage our audience.

Skills & Attributes:


• Ability to write engaging, relevant, inspiring content.
• Excellent use of social media.
• Ability to organise and commission articles.
• Belief in equal, democratic and collaborative working.
• Personal time management and initiative.
• Creative and Innovative ideas.
• Passionate about young people.
• Commitment to be a co-founder of a start up business and contribute to the running and building of AltGen.


• Knowledge of co-operatives.
• Web development skills.
• Business expertise.
• Financial expertise.


AltGen is about doing work differently. We are a co-op and so that means pay will be equally distributed between the three of us, including you. However as we are also a start up we often work extra hours to build the business without yet being able to pay ourselves.

Therefore this role is for someone who understands the importance of collaboration and working in a team but also has the individual initiative to direct their own work and is willing to put in extra time and energy to drive the project forward if necessary.

You will start as a member with the possibility to become a director after a three month probationary period.

Application Process:

To apply please send answers to the following 4 questions (Max 300 words each) along with your CV to [email protected].

1. What motivates you to become a co-founder of AltGen?
2. How would you improve AltGens communications across the digital mediums?
3. What new things do you think you could bring to AltGen as the third co-founder?
4. Give us an example of some articles you would want to write for AltGen?

Deadline: 31st August 2014

Interviews: 3rd September 2014 (London)

Job Start Date: 8th September 2014